Let’s be honest: Traveling alone surely has its benefits, but sometimes it would be nice to have someone to talk to, to share travel tales with, to ask for advice on good coffeeshops at the destination you’re flying to or even to hold your hand during flight turbulences. Last year we told you about the Hi Matic Hotel in Paris, where people staying at the hotel could connect with each other via social media to meet up in the lobby or go out together. What about implementing this strategy to find a person with similar interests on the seat next to you on your next 8hr flight? KLM Airlines recently announced “Social Seating”, a check-in service that helps you find your perfect fellow passenger based on your social media profile. Launching early this year, passengers will be able to link their social media accounts such as Facebook or LinkedIn and a software searches for a perfect match for you.

Sounds scary? Well less scary than the thought of having that sweaty guy with a 1 x 1 m large newspaper next to you for a whole 8 hours, don’t you think? I’d rather place my bets on the chance of that cute boy holding my hand or a nice gal to chat to about good vintage stores in Brooklyn.

KLM Airlines has already proved in the past that their social media strategy is extraordinary. This last Christmas they basically “stalked” their passengers’ Social Media accounts such as Twitter to get an idea what they would like to have for Christmas. When landing at their final destination, waiting for their luggage, a KLM staff member popped up to surprise them with a gift. What a sweet idea! You can watch the reactions in the video below as long as we wait for Social Seating to come!

This post was written by Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk, who has a funny name even for Germans; she is a wicked go-getter and creative freelance designer, photographer and blogger.

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