Guess where I am!?


Bangkok!! There sure are no bacardi breezers in India. One has to consider himself lucky to come across a bar and when you do, be sure that it closes at 10.
Not such in Thailand, oh no. Any old budget hotel goes restaurant accommodation will often sport a full bar and dish up anything from beer to fancy cocktails – a heaven sent. In a country so difficult to travel as India, a drink here and there would make it all a bit easier but then again you don’t come to India to have it easy.

Anyway, enough whining. When Caroline left to go back to Berlin early for work I had the option of staying and either sweating or being rained in somewhere in India or I could book a cheap flight (yey for jet airways!) to Bangkok and hang out on the islands for a week. Yeah, very tough choice indeed.

So here I am. Made a German friend on the bus from the airport and together we chilled over bacardi breezers in my hotel (thumbs up for new my house hotel in Banglamphu, near but not on khao san road). Our plans to hit the clubs fell through unfortunately due to some heavy rainfalls, but that way at least I got some fun shots of people being totally soaked and wading through knee-deep water.
Rainfall is serious business during the monsoon. It may not last long but the whole sky is coming down at once. And without a proper drainage system you find yourself wading streets turned rivers.


My hotel here. 4 years ago I stayed here for a whole month and loved it. Very basic rooms and unfriendly staff but somehow oddly, irresistably charming.

C(r)ouch area in my hotel’s restaurant. Good place to hangout and meet people over beers or milk shakes.

The big decision now is: which island should I go to?? I really would love to go diving and from what I’ve read Ko tao should be ideal at this time of year as it’s located in the gulf of Thailand that is less affected by the monsoon. The other option is Ko phi phi because some people swear by it. What do you think?

happy travels,