You love surfing and the sound of the sea? You’d never leave the beach if you could? Well, this one might be for you.

Two fellows, Marta and Jez, both travelers and surfers, had the idea to construct a portable home for surfers. While looking for the best waves in Australia and Indonesia, they thought about how they could develop a surfbag that doubles as tent for low-budget travelers. This year they launched the ‘Wavecave‘, a surfbag that can be turned into a tent making traveling much easier for surfers.

The ‘Wave Cave’ Bag is available in three sizes and can store up to four surfboards.

photo via cool things

The pop-up tent can be found in the side pockets of the bag and attached to the surf bag via zippers. It is waterproof and breathable and only takes a couple of minutes to be set up. For instructions, have a look at the video below.

The tent has room for two people, but when you want to have your surfboards safe next to you, then there is only room for one person.

It is made from durable and light weight material, which makes it perfect for traveling and also offers good protection against wind.

photos 1,3 by backpacker banter

This bag is perfect for those who travel without a car – wherever you take your board, your accomodation will be with you.
A great idea for surf addicts, who want to stay as close as possible to the beach for early morning breaks.