With fancy and expensive design hotels popping up all across the world, it’s nice to hear that every now and then, there is a hotel that has the unique appearance of a design hotel but really is sustainable and based on a simple idea. This is what happened in Mexico, when the architects behind T3arc got together and came up with the idea of using old concrete tubes in order to recycle them into hotel rooms.

The Tubo Hotel may not be an ideal option for anyone looking to have spa treatment and major relaxation, but it sure is a great way of meeting everyone else at your hotel and possibly have a party on the small square around which the 20 different rooms are grouped.

At an affordable 500pesos (around €27) per room for up to two people, this is a highly accessible option for most people adding one more cool story to your holiday to impress your friends back home with.

It’s located in Tepoztlán, Mexico, about 75km south of Mexico City, a town that has the nickname of ‘pueblo magico’ – magic village. Whether you’ll find magic here, we don’t know, but it sure looks like you’ll be getting a fun and good night’s sleep.

The design of the Tubo Hotel was largely inspired by a place in Austria called dasparkhotel, in Ottensheim near Linz, where architect Andi Strauss has realised his vision of an eco-friendly hotel. He equipped three tubes with a comfortable queensized mattrass, a light and a single outlet with plenty of storage space underneath the bedding. What makes this concept even more special is that here you can pay what you think your night was worth which makes this place a great option for budget travelers.