Early morning flight? Plane delayed? Stuck at the airport? While we have provided you with a list of things to do at the airport when your flight is delayed, we might soon be able to list something quite intriguing to that list – a good night’s sleep. How that’s possible, when you’re sleeping on the floor with your bacpkack serving as a pillow, you wonder? Well, the Russian architects Arch group have recently invented the so-called Sleepbox.

These Containers would be located at international airports and could be rented from as little as 15 minutes to a few hours. They feature Wifi, air condition and automatically changing sheets between users.

As far as I know, these boxes have not yet been installed anywhere, so it might be a matter of time whether they actually make it into our airports some day. For anyone who has ever spent a night at the airport, I’m sure they can appreciate the comfort and security of these boxes.

Critics have raised concerns that the boxes could be more commonly used for people to have sex in with a particular worry being is that prostitutes might set up camp at the airport. While the latter would certainly be something to watch out for, I don’t necessarrily think it’s such a bad thing that you ad your boyfriend can hop into a booth and mate for a bit, surely that will take away some of the boredom and time to kill from a delay.

What do you think about the sleepbox? Would you use it? Do you see any probelms with it?

*via amazing only