Dear Travelettes,

for all those among you who will be in Berlin on August 26th, we would like to recommend a very special event to you which is co-organized by our friends over at IheartBerlin and Designer Scouts. This is the third time that the SKYY SWAP MARKET is happening in Berlin. Originally, the popular party was meant to be a one-off ocassion, but it was so successful that the organizers decided to bring it back.

What makes it special are not only the fabulous Skyy Vodka cocktails, the proceeds of which go entirely to a Berlin-based HIV charity, but also the fact that this your chance to score some awesome FREE designer clothing! From now on,  people have the opportunity to hand in clothes they no longer wear at certain locations (listed below) and get chips for them. On the night itself, those chips function as payment for drinks and clothes that other people have handed in for swapping. What to you is old and boring, might be another person’s new favorite shirt/dress/accessory.

But don’t think that all you can find here are other people’s old rags. Many designers will donate various of their pieces for you to swap. At last year’s SKYY SWAP MARKET I got more fancy designer clothes in one night than I did throughout the entire year before that.

While a lot is similar to previous years, this time the motto is different, which is where it gets interesting for Travelettes. It’s all about New York, Miami and San Francisco and swappers are requested to especially trade in clothing that has some sort of connection to those cities. Maybe you bought those pants in New York? Swap them. Got that dress from a friend from San Francisco? That’ll work. Listened to that record a lot during a trip to Miami? It’s just what is needed. That’s right, this year you can also swap records, jewellery, decorative items and also books. Even New York based bloggers Luci Westphal und Scott Solary and Miami based Amanda del Duca handed in typical items from their cities.

You see, the type of connection your swap things have with NYC, San Fran and Miami is up to you, as long as they do.

To swap, go to these places during the usual opening hours:

„Glücklich am Park“ Kastanienallee 54, Berlin
„XVII DIX-SEPT“ Steinstraße 17, Berlin

To sign up for the actual party on August 26th, click here. The festivities begin at 9pm.

For some inspiration on looks from the 3 cities in question, have a look at some examples of good street fashion I’ve picked for you from my archives. Can you guess which city each look belongs to?

Happy swapping!!