There are few negative aspects to summer in Berlin;  yet one that definitely can’t be ignored is the amount of tourists swarming the city, taking over the streets, parks, restaurants, clubs and even my favourite street corner café. With friends on holidays and a grim-looking weather forecast for the upcoming week, I was easily convinced to join my friends for a couple of days off in Barcelona.

The trip started out picture-perfect: nice hotel, sunshine, seafood en masse and a night out entailing lots of mojitos. On our second day, we rented bicycles and ventured out on our own customary city tour. Since we were scheduled to meet friends and re-located to a different hostel later that night, we had checked out of our first accommodation and were subsequently ‘homeless’ for the day. Good thing we stumbled upon a beautiful park to settle down and ‘recharge’ in for a few hours.





When after dinner we still had no news of our friends who were supposedly heading up to Barcelona by car from Alicante, slight unease started settling in, yet we decided not to worry and pass the time with a round of drinks in the gothic barrio. Two hours later, we found ourselves  knocking on the door of every hostel and hotel in town, frantically searching for a place to spend the night. What happened? The hotel we were staying in was overbooked, our friends had forgotten to make reservations at the hostel and to top it all off, their car broke down in the middle of the highway at 3am in the morning.

Luckily, everything worked out in the end, our friends made it to Barcelona and we found a cheap place to sleep right off Las Ramblas. To compensate for all of the craziness, we are planning to take it easy tomorrow and spend the day lounging at the beach in Sitges. Ä°Hasta luego!



sagrada familia