I’m no expert, but I would assume to about 7 out of 10 people the answer would be simple: No. It’s heavy, it’s bulky, it reminds you too much of work and might even give you pangs of guilt for not catching up on all those to-do’s you were hoping to ignore until you get back home and back to reality.

I once asked a series of people whether they bring a notebook on their trips and about half said yes, while the remaining 50ish percent liked to leave it at home and let a holiday be a proper holiday. That first half – and I’ll admit I’m one of them – likes to bring it along for the many different uses and purposes which far outweigh simply working on it. And now there are some pretty incredible and super travel-friendly notebooks on the market which, really leave one with almost no excuse not to bring it.

My favorite travel notebook of the hour is Huawei’s brand new and first ever MateBook X which is every notebook lover’s dream. It’s ultra lightweight and thin, lets you watch movies for 10 hours on a single charge, boasts an Intel Core i5 processor, up to 256GB storage and, thanks to a partnership with Dolby, one of the best sound systems anyone could expect from a notebook. As someone who appreciates style I also love that it comes in three modern colors: Prestige Gold, Rose Gold and Space Grey (the available colors can vary in each country). Say goodbye to bulky and hello to enriching your travel experiences with this special piece of technology.

So without further ado, here are my top 10 reasons why I like bringing my notebook with me when I travel:

1. Movies. I like to start longer trips by prepping my notebook with new releases I can watch at the airport or on the plane, when there is nothing better on. The Matebook X not only lets you do that for pretty much an entire day without charging it, it also has a sophisticated self-cooling system that prevents your laptop from heating up!

2. Research your destination. Nowadays around 70% of travelers research their destination online before they hit the road but most of us don’t usually have an entire itinerary ready when the plane takes off. Best restaurant for the evening? Look it up. Top 10 things to do? Surely someone wrote about just that. (Chances are we did!)

3. Editing pictures on the go. I’m a total photo nerd and when I travel I bring my camera with me anywhere. My photos aren’t finished with the taking therefore, a whole editing process ensues and it cannot wait until I get home!

4. Getting work done. This is something I am prone to, as a freelancer and someone who is self-employed. I need work like air to breathe. It makes me happy, it makes me feel balanced. After a week of hardcore hedonism I want nothing more than to take a whole morning off and hide behind my computer replying to work emails, discussing assignments with my team and checking finances. Those cocktails by the pool taste so much sweeter after a productive work session.

5. Blogging. Or journaling for some people. But essentially it’s the same. I’m a blogger at heart so writing about my travels is something that feels natural to me. Without my love of sharing the best bits of my travels travelettes.net would have never been born, let alone be the small empire it is today.

6. Blending in with the locals. Other people like to go sightseeing and hunt down a city’s hotspots but for me, whenever I travel I seek to get a feel for what it would be like to live in a certain city. I make a point of not dressing like a tourist, I go to markets, stroll through neighborhoods and sit in cafes to soak up the atmosphere. Getting my laptop out and starting to work is me being the most at-home I could be. It somehow gives me a new perspective and a feeling of being connected with the locals.

7. Sending emails and messages with holiday updates to friends. This especially applies when I travel for longer and I want to let people know how I’m doing. I have never been a fan of typing on my phone so I would pick a heartfelt email over a 2 hour whatsapp session any day.

8. Turn on the tunes. Waking up to rock n roll and getting ready to party with 90s pop? Yes please! Music makes any trip better, in fact I love to create a playlist of songs I somehow connect to the trip and it forever remains my soundtrack to the memories of that trip. Simply put it on on that laptop and dance! Especially with the MateBook X’s amazing Dolby Atmos Sound System.

9. Fighting boredom. Even the best trip usually comes with some bouts of boredom and thank god for that! It’s all about balance, after all. Is there anything better than giving yourself some time out and just hitting netflix, shopping online or playing solitaire?

10. Your trusted friend. Last but not least, and this might sound a bit nerdy, a notebook has often times felt like a trusted friend to me when I needed someone to join me for dinner or at a cafe. Traveling alone in particular can feel lonely, and unless you are one of those ultra social people who makes friends wherever they go, a notebook is a great tool to have if you want something to do while having dinner at your hotel restaurant or hanging out in the lobby checking out people. A notebook connects you to people and indeed friends from around the world and will always be there for you when no one else is.

What about you? Do you bring your notebook when you travel and why? Please share your view in the comments!


*This post was created in collaboration with Huawei