Is your marriage feeling drab? Lacking the sparkle in your relationship? Where’s the excitement gone?? Fear not, ladies! The Cincinnati Airline, Flamingo Air in Ohio, U.S.A have a professionally discreet service aboard their sightseeing flights that has proven exceptionally popular for couples whom want fireworks injected into their sex lives. Heard of the Mile High Club? I’m assuming you have, and on this hour-long flight, you can have your own initiation into the Club behind curtains on delightful turquoise and pink cushions as the pilot turns a blind eye!

These flights were the brainchild of a group of cheeky pilots who dared each other that they couldn’t get people to pay specifically for this feature-flight of sex in the skies, or ‘Flight of Fancy” as they have dubbed it. And they were pleasantly surprised to find their idea to be a success.

The pilots have had champagne corks and high heels poked into the backs of their heads, which is understandable when you see the cramped and confined ‘love nest’ which is used by the couples. Not exactly romantic or luxurious, but probably beats a tiny toilet cubicle on a jumbo jet under strip-lighting. Flamingo are proud of their professionalism and discretion… but look how ridiculously small the plane is! You’d practically be sitting on the pilots back!!

Yep, it’s pretty outrageous isn’t it? But its popularity is obviously feeding a demand which airlines have forbidden on commercial flights. Flamingo are now running up to eight flights a day at $425 per hour which includes champagne, chocolates and any flight plan that the couple desires. But I guess their desires will be steaming up the plane’s window and there would be plenty of distraction from what’s below the plane…

The facts and figures of the Flamingo flights are quite interesting though!

  • 90 % of the flights have been booked by women.
  • Flights are predominantly booked by couples trying to save marriages or re-ignite relationships.
  • A flight has been booked for a birthday treat by an 80 year old man.
  • A flight has been booked for a blind date… I hope the date knew what they were getting themselves into. Nowhere to escape from a horrendous blind date once you’re up there.
  • 5 men have declined their wife’s invitation to their booked flight… and those marriages ended in divorce soon after.
  • One couple has claimed that they managed to conceive while aboard.

It is very bizarre that this actually can be booked, but hey, at least it will decrease the chances that they will be on your long-haul flight leaving you outside dancing from one foot to the other, desperately needing the toilet as you wait for them to finish!

And it does give plenty of fodder for jokes which can be seen in numerous comments left on articles about the airline, for example, “$425 per hour?? What would I do for the other 55 minutes??” or “Been there, done that. Thank you, Scandinavian Airlines!”.  Ahh, classic.

Here’s the news clip that explains it all….

Image 1 via VL-3, image 2 via ABC News, image 3 via Mile High Club, video via WCPO.

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