Blue water fountains, beautiful flowers, colourful butterflies and singing birds – that‘s how I’ve always imagined paradise. And one day, my idea of paradise became reality. I had been in Guatemala for about a month when we decided to take a trip to Semuc Champey – a natural resort with lots of stunning pools and ponds.

photo via trek earth

The turquoise and green water appeared toi be glowing and was flowing in waterfalls from one pond to another. It almost felt like being on another planet.  All the big yellow butterflies that were flying around  gave this place a beautiful and even mysterious vibe. The best part of it all was that you could swim inside the ponds and jump from the waterfalls. After we had finished bathing in this dreamy scenery,  we climbed up the mountain next to Semuc Champey to enjoy the view of the unique resort.

My pictures do not really do justice to this fascinating place, but if you squint your eyes together, imagining the splashing sounds of the waterfalls, the singing birds, yo just might be able to picture this beautiful piece of earth.

Tours & Hostel
Tours normally start from the city of Lanquin, where I stayed in one of the best hostels I have ever been to: El Retiro Lodge. El Retiro Lodge ( is a jungle hostel at the river, which consists of many wooden bungalows. During the day you can play volleyball, go swimming in the river, chill out in hammocks or explore the small city. At night you can enjoy excellent, freshly grilled food, play games or hit the outdoor dance floor.

Morning view of the Retiro Lodge hostel

When you book a tour to Semuc Champey (you can normally book it in your hostel), you’re also in for an adventurous tour through some caves, where you get to climb underneath waterfalls making your way through underground rivers  lit with just a candle in your hand…