“When I fly, people forget everything they thought they knew about impossible.” -Seanna Sharpe

Is anything really impossible?  I personally think it is a silly word that gets used entirely too much for the good of anyone.

For example, whenever I get back from a trip abroad people always tell me how much they wish they could just pack up and go on an adventure.  “Why don’t you?” I ask, and they always seem to respond “Oh, I couldn’t!  It’s impossible right now…”

When I found this video of 24 year old Seanna Sharpe taken last July, I swear I thought “That’s impossible!” as she began her climb.  As an aerialist myself (nowhere remotely near her league) I know the perseverance, strength, as well as sheer nerve it takes to defy gravity and flip around hands free high up in the air.

I have a hard enough time indoors twenty feet up. Seanna takes her art to a whole new level by climbing 285 feet up the Williamsburg Bridge in New York and performing with no safety net while the wind whips her around and cars whiz by stories below her.

“My goal is to face my fear and to inspire others to face their fears” -Seanna Sharpe

It’s amazing what the human mind and body can accomplish when you dream big and work hard. Even if most of us will never end up defying death in such an elegant fashion, I hope watching this incredible woman will help awaken something deep inside and you will find your own metaphorical bridge to conquer and dance from.

Ready to be shocked, awed, and inspired? Here you go:

Want to learn some circus arts? (Bridges not recommended for beginners.) If you end up in New York check out Seanna’s donation based classes at Circus to the People. If you are in San Francisco and want to train with me get a hold of my teacher, Madame Burnz who offers much more affordable and hands on classes than the other options in the city. Anywhere else? Sorry, that’s all I got, do your own research! Circus inspired dance, aerial and acrobatics classes are popping up everywhere.  And to learn more about Seanna visit her page here.

A thing is only impossible until someone does it.” -Nathan Paul

“Sometimes I dream as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” -Lewis Carrol

“All possibilities are real and all realities are possible!” -The Dreamtime Circus

“Those who do the impossible are often unaware that what they did was impossible.” -Mr. Prophet

“Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible. And by visualizing the impossible, they begin to see it as possible.” -Cherie Carter-Scott

“Now go do something ‘impossible!’ ” -me

photo credits:  title photo: wall street journal, last: me, all others: several seconds