We love camping. You seem to love it too, as long as it’s a new and exiting form of camping, telling from the great response we got from posts about tree camping or the camper bike. Just as unusual as those two is this new camping experience created by German industrial designer Daniel Straub: a swimming caravan.

Camperwagons which only roll around and stand there, are so yesterday – the future holds multi-tasking vehicles that can float on the water (and maybe even fly one day?).

The sealander is made of glassfiber enhanced materials and coupled with a waterproof transportation system, allowing it to drive on the road and get into water like a boat. There is an external motor, ensuring that you won’t have to get rowing to cross the lake.

Hold your horses if you already envision yourself crossing the Atlantic in one of those – the Sealander is not designed for Oceans or busy waters. A night on the lake however, is very realistic. Special bonus: you don’t need a boat driver’s license for this baby.

Nonethelss, the makers are already brain-storming about the development of bigger caravans that might be suitable for the sea.

The option for an open roof ensures a romantic night swaying on the lake while watching the stars. Colors and materials used inside may be customizable upon request, while a cooler, heater, a cooking-washing unit as well as 2 convertable benches come as standard equipment. A type of Porta Potti toilet is optional.

We love it and are saving our pennies until early 2012 when the Sealander will be available on the market for about 12.000€.