Dear Travelettes,

no matter what city I travel to, I always go around asking locals one question “Do you know any vintage shops around here?” I asked in Asia, Australia, South America, North America and Europe. I might even ask in Antartica, if I happen to go one day.

The most mind-blowing Vintage strip (means a street lined up with tons of vintage stores) was not Brick Lane in London or Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg/Brooklyn but calle Bandera in Santiago de Chile.

Bild 18

Here, more than 20 Vintage stores of all calibres are standing in line offering fantastic and supercheap vintage. And like that wasn’t great enough, since in South America seasons are switched around, their summer sale is just before our summer starts (from February to March) and their Winter Sale is on from July throughout August.

bandera vintage

I was there in January and then again in March and I bought at least 15 dresses, half of which I sent home in large packages. Back then, the average dress cost between 50 cent and 2 Euros, which should explain why I couldn’t refrain from buying. At the time (about 4 years ago) I had a thing for knee-length dresses. Below are 3 of the 15.

dresses chile

Happy shopping,