Sangria is one of my favourite drinks; there is something about the mix of wine and fruit that makes it easy to imagine I live somewhere warm, tropical and am surrounded by hunky looking Latino men! Not only does it taste dam good, it’s simple and pretty inexpensive to make:



  • 3 cartons of orange juice
  • 1 box of wine
  • Cup of brandy
  • 5 oranges sliced
  • 5 lemons sliced
  • Cup of vodka (not pictured)
  • Add sugar to taste(not pictured)
  • Lots of ice (not pictured)

IMG_2442 IMG_2453

There isn’t much science or accuracy involved when I make sangria. I usually stick to the above quantities (which makes enough sangria for 7 to 10 people) and adjust the amounts of brandy and sugar to taste.

If you’re looking to try something different why not try making white sangria (here’s a good recipe). Ohh and as you can see, its always more fun if you can find some super long straws and drink straight from the bowl rather than just serving the sangria into glasses. Enjoy!


PS I hope no Spaniards were offended during this sangria tutorial. Amendments to the above recipe are very welcome!