From Guatemala, our bus ride continued to Belize. As soon as we crossed the border we were in a completely different world: People were Black, not Latinos anymore, they all had dreadlocks and smoked cigarillos. Wooden Houses everywhere, crowded streets with people on low-seated bikes. Spanish language was replaced by Caribbean English. From Belize City we took a boat to Caye Caulker Island, a small island in the Caribbean Sea. When we arrived, a guy that we had met two days prior, was standing on the landing stage in handcuffs – he smiled to us and said: “I came as tourist and leave as criminal”. Apparently the police made no exceptions with weed here.

And there we were – in the middle of paradise. Turquoise sea, white sandy beaches, palm trees, hammocks – what else could you ask for? As passionate sailor, I only needed a sailing boat to make life perfect for myself. So when I spotted the nearby boat rental I couldn´t resist one for half a day.

My dad is a sailor and he passed on the passion for sailing on me. When I sailed out, I suddenly felt happier than ever before. The wind was quite strong, so I had a lot of speed; with the wind blowing through my hair away and water splashing against me. Being all alone with my boat on the ocean, the calm only disrupted by sounds of water splashing against the boat felt like a mix of peace, freedom and happiness I don’t get to feel very often in my everyday life.  Surrounded by the turquoise water I couldn’t help but smile and be truely happy and grateful for the life I have.

Sailing in the Caribbean Sea

If anyone goes to the Belize, don´t skip Caye Caulker Island, it is incredible here, like a post card come to life. Apart from sailing you can do great snorkeling and diving tours here and see sharks, turtles and other sea animals.

Here some pictures of Caye Caulker Island: Caribbean Spirit

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Caribbean Sunset

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