I traveled through about 15 cities all over Mexico and because it was the month of March, I encountered delightful, yes perfect weather, almost everywhere I went. Not too hot, not too cold – just right. La Paz was the exeption. I stepped out of the bus and was hit with a hammer of heat. It was so hot that even the cab ride with 4 open windows didn’t feel the slightest bit refreshing. Commenting on this, my cab driver told me that this was cool, summer would be far worse.
He drove me to my hotel near the Malecon, the promenade along the shore, with a wide sidewalk, lots of benches and a small stretch of sandy beach. I was surprised to find it so empty, but then again figured that maybe it was because people were working during that day.

Later that day, at around 7, when the sun was setting I walked on the Malecon again and was wowed with the gorgeous sky from the sun setting into the ocean. Each of my 3 evenings in La Paz I would give myself a front seat in this free-of-charge spectacle, always taking a ton of photos. After the first night I even transfered hotels and went from staying on a side street to getting a room with a huge balcony facing the ocean.

View from my hotel room

Malecon by night

so romantic...sigh

purple, pink, yellow, orange – the sky  undergoes various rainbow colors during sunset

What I found remarkable and charming at the same time, was that with the sunset, the promenade suddenly came to life. Now, lots of people were out – kids with bikes and rollerblades, grannies eating icecreams, families going for a walk and couples holding hands.

It was lovely walking around at night, because now the city felt more alive than any other time during the day, and you got a whole new perspective on it. I took some pictures of stuff that struck my eye.

La Paz has a lot to offer and more than just a pretty promenade and good people watching (as you will be able to find out in my next post) but I’m hard pressed to wonder if the sunset here isnt among the most beautiful in the world.

Where are your favorite sunsets?