A couple of weeks ago, me and my friend Rabea went on a very special road trip. Through a country that is not exactly legendary for doing road trips in – Switzerland. We flew into Zurich and from there got a rental car which we drove to ski paradise Laax, then self-proclaimed city of lights Lucerne, then on to a small but wonderful place called Adelboden and eventually to the legendary ski-glam-holiday town of Zermatt. For the first time we tried skiing, snowboarding, eating fondue inside an igloo, swimming in a heated outdoor pool while it was snowing and lots of other things that have made those 6 days an unforgettable journey.

The trip was based upon a magical promotion called “Rock the Slope (and the city)” currently offered by Design Hotels, who have invited us out to (literally) test-drive the whole thing for you guys. A total of 7 wonderful design hotels throughout Switzerland are currently opening their doors to you at a discounted rate and assist you with their insider knowledge and tips to ensure you get to know the neighborhood at its best.

In the coming weeks, I will tell you a lot more about the different hotels and places we stayed in (there is so much to say!), I’ll let you know about the lasting impression left by our first time on skis and on a snowboard (a story of many bruises and sore muscles) and I will post lots of photos about all the gorgeous snowed-in places we stayed in.

But for now, I’d just like to leave you with some images of the actual time spent on the road. While it’s not easy to drive on snow, it sure looks beautiful all the way. Road trips always have been my preferred way of traveling as it’s probably the most independent way to get around. No one to wait on, you just up and leave whenever you feel like it. Plus, you get to see parts of the country you wouldn’t otherwise have seen.

Enjoy a small glimpse of Switzerland through my lens….