Club holidays and I have a history together. Its beginning dates back to the tender age of 12 when my family and I would go on biannual trips to 4-star resorts in Turkey, Greece, Tunisia and Morocco. It was an ideal family style holiday because resorts are often so large that they offer something and someone for everyone. In our first few days my mother would always make it her personal mission to find a girl my age I could be friends with. We would sit at breakfast and she would scan the room for my potential new holiday buddy. It was then up to me to somehow meet them over at the desert buffet and every time I had found someone my holiday really began.

That would be the moment I would stop hanging out with my parents and just enter the cliques of resort youth. The bunch of us would dance at the resort’s own discoteque, go swimming at nighttime and sometimes make out with older boys (once a girlfriend was found, the next mission was to meet boys, obviously). I would still engage in family time over dinner but other than that I was free to do whatever with my time, while my parents could do their own thing. Vacation time does not get better for a teenager.

I have a lot of great memories of those days and so I was quite keen to see how I would enjoy it 15 years after the last trip I did of that kind. Now that I was an adult and used to city trips and backpacking adventures, would I still have a good time being in one place for so long? Would I get tired of seeing the same faces every day? Of eating from a buffet 3 times a day?


It was Robinson Club, a very reputable resort chain with 24 locations in 11 different countries who invited us to come out and test drive the resort experience for a couple of days and so naturally that is exactly what we did.

We started our trip in Marrakesh, where we stayed at the Riad Zakaria for a couple of nights, a recommended option for Robinson Club travelers who may come to Morocco to enjoy beach time in Agadir but want to see more of Moroccan city lifestyle. We had a truely magical few days in Marrakesh, which we wrote about here. But as exiting as the city was with its many lures and temptations (hammams, anyone? water pipes? belly dance?) we were exited to go for the relax part of the journey, rest our heads on a beach towel overlooking the ocean and not getting up until we’ve finished our novel.


A suit-wearing driver with gelled-back hair picked us up from the Zakaria and drove us to Agadir for 2 hours. Think big black limousine, toned windows and the best air-con system ever. It was tough not to feel like undercover movie stars as we drove through the deserted land between the two cities. When we finally arrived at Club Agadir, we got exited at the mere sight of the resort. The lovely palm trees, arched windows and white color of the building looked impressive against the deep blue sky and as the porter opened our car door for us his smile felt like a promise.


The resort was beautiful and set around a lovely garden, surrounded by gorgeous archways that lead to different parts of the main building. Adjacent to the pool area are various large accommodation buildings where people can choose between double or family rooms.

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Anyone who enjoys an active holiday has come to the right place.  There is a seemingly endless list of activities on offer every day. Especially sports enthusiasts will have a great time picking out classes for them at the gym, everything from Body Fit over Yoga, Pilates and Hot Iron is on offer. If you prefer to work out outdoors, there is the opportunity to play tennis, go horseback-riding, golfing, swimming and jogging. At a stunning and long beach that is.


While I was keen to get engaged with the sporty stuff, what really reeled me in was the Spa. Massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, saunas, steam baths – I love it all! I got my nails done and treated myself to a lovely Argan oil back massage, both of which I can highly recommend. Attention hammam lovers – the resort has one those as well.


I will admit that the overriding offer of activities made me especially lazy and suddenly it seemed like such a good idea to grab my book, find a loungy chair by the olympic sized pool area, grab a free cocktail and practise some deep relaxation.

Wait a minute, free cocktail? Yep, you’ve read right, everything is all inclusive at Club Agadir – for everyone, this is simply part of the concept. I’ve never actually tried an all inc type of holiday so this was an interesting experience. And a dangerous one! The cocktails were wonderful (and not made with cheap liquor as you might possibly suspect) and the food was surprisingly tasty as well.


Food is a hot topic at Club Robinson and not something that is taken lightly. I was impressed with the incredibly variety that was offered during every meal, no day being similar to the one before. I especially liked that the buffet was divided in sections of popular grub like pizza, pasta and burgers and healthy options of salads, fine meat or seafood. Another section would be all about Moroccan fare and finally a brilliant section of deserts and cheeses. I’ve never been much of a fan of buffet style food but Robinson was able to convince me otherwise.

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So who comes here, I wanted to know. Robinson Clubs are known to attract different audiences, depending on the club. Some might be especially suitable for families, while others cater to couples or singles. I knew this, because one of my good friends had been to a Robinson Club in Turkey popular for singles and while he refused to spill all the details he sure admitted to having had a good time.

When booking via the Robinson website you can find a list of evaluations with a dot system that indicates who each resort is best suited for. In the case of Agadir couples get a 5 out of 5 point recommendation, while singles only get 3 out of 5. We were there during a holiday break and apart from a few exceptions there were mostly families there with children. If you have kids, this really might be a great option for you, but if you come alone or with a friend or partner I recommend sticking to going outside of school holidays.

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The overall vibe is superfriendly. The international (but mostly German) staff was open and welcoming all along amd I don’t recall any grumpy faces by any of the guests either. I think the mixture of sun, sports, relaxation and healthy food keeps spirits uplifted and lets everyone go with the flow.

As for me, I often think back to that wonderful beach that looked so endless and the waves so soothing. The water wasn’t warm enough for me to dip in back in October but next time I return I will definitely float along that shore for a while, read that book, slurp that cocktail and then maybe pick out a girl my age and make friends with her by the pool.