After having lived in London for a year, I finally found the time to go on a little roadtrip through South England and my expectations were absolutely exceeded. South England offers something for almost everyone; for nature friends, passionate surfers, hikers, photographers, food lovers, romatics and those who just want to escape the big city life for a while. Rent a car, get some friends together and let the tour begin.

For 10 days, I traveled around Cornwall with its gorgeous beaches, beautiful landscape and the inviting water was definitely the highlight of my trip. Here some places that you shouldn’t miss out if planning to visit Cornwall.

St. Ives

St. Ives is a small fishing town and holiday resort. When I saw the white sandy beaches and the turquoise water, for a moment I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, as the water looked like the Caribbean Sea.


When we left St.Ives we came across a street sign saying “Mousehole” and were more than curious to find out what this place had to offer. And as the name suggests the village was super tiny with only 850 residents. It is probably the sweetest little fishing town I have seen so far and has lots of cosy cafe’s with yummy homemade scones and delicious custard.

St. Michaels Mount

St. Michael Mount is a little magical island with a castle that has served as a church, priory, fortress and private home between the twelfth and nineteenth centuries. You can visit the island by foot from the shore on a historic footway when there is a low tide. Otherwise you can always take a boat to explore the the island.

Lizard Point

Lizard Point is is the most southern point of Great Britain. It has been one of my favorite spots on my South England trip as the scenery was absolutely stunning with beautiful flowers and an amazing sunset.

St. Agnes

St. Agnes offers some of the finest surf beaches in Cornwall and I was a bit upset when I saw all the nice waves, as I had left my surfboard at home. Instead, we made a nice hike along the shore. The city offers some beautiful costal walks and I really enjoyed the pretty landscape.


Newquay is the surf capital of the UK – there was no way for me to skip this place: the first thing I did on our arrival was renting out some surfboards. While a lot of cities in Cornwall are rather quiet, Newquay offers lots of nightlife and has a variety of shops where you can buy surf gear, decoration or other water-reated stuff. I have been there once before and this time was definitely not the last time.