Dear Travelettes,

the other day, as I was chatting with my homeboy Anthony over in Austin, Texas a subject came up that has long been on top of my list-of-things-to-do-before-i-die-or-get-married. For dramatic effect I will recreate the conversation.

Anthony: Dude, I have girl trouble, I might need some advice on this.
Katja: Dump her, Anthony, she is not worth your time.
Anthony: Yeah, I guess you’re right. By the way, I just got a pick-up truck. Let’s do a road trip.
Katja: OMG! Wait, hang on.

5 minutes pass…..

Katja: Alright. I just booked. Will be with you on may 19th.

This is actually how it happened. I’m barely exaggerating. So now I will spend the first 2 weeks of May in New York, just before flying over to Austin, flying back in June from San Francisco. Sheer delight.

Now, I LOVE road trips. I have done 3 that are noteworthy.
1 &2) I twice did the San Diego to San Francisco route via LA. Once with my best friend and once with my boyfriend at the time.
3) My good friend Sonia and I rented a car in Milan and drove it throughout Italy for a week. One of the best holidays I’ve ever had.

My real dream is to go on a road trip for at least 2 months so I can see stuff without much time pressure. Unfortunately Anthony and I will have a max of 2 weeks time, but we’ll squeeze the most out of it. So far the itinerary includes the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and New Mexico. Maybe we can go for a couple more National Parks as well, I do like nature and stuff.

I want to prepare for this road trip thing in the best possible way, so I will soon hit you with a survey to fill in, for those among you who have already been on road trips.

Happy road-tripping,

truck copy
This is Anthony’s car, by the way. Oh the pink thing – that’s me.