Day 2 of our spontaneous and utterly chaotic road trip through Spain. After spending some time in Barcelona and recuperating from the nighttime madness there via a lovely beach day in Sitges, my friends and I hit the road and drove all the way to Murcia, which is located in the southwest of Spain.

map spain

It’s very likely that none or very few of you will have heard of Murcia before. Truth be told, I hadn’t either before I found myself on a 7-hour drive to said place. However, that’s nothing to be ashamed of, since almost everyone we encountered along the way told us the city  offered nothing exciting to do and would bore us to death. Little did we know that our stay there would be one of the best parts of the entire trip…

To clear things up a little: both of my friends who I am travelling with are doctors from the Middle East, and one of them is currently participating in an exchange with the hospital in Murcia (that’s how we ended up in this place to begin with). What’s funny is that the flat, which he was sharing with 5 other exchange doctors (all female!) is one of the messiest appartments I have ever been with. These people, who perform highly complicated medical operations during the daytime, couldn’t keep their kitchen/bathroom/livingroom tidy if someone’s life depended on it. But who am I to judge? They greeted us with immense heartiness, and that’s all that counts.

To thank everyone for their hospitality, my friends and I cooked dinner for everyone, which was followed by a grade-A pancake breakfast the morning after (I’m almost certain those were the only proper meals cooked in that kitchen…).

kitchen murcia

by far the dirtiest kitchen I’ve EVER cooked in… (and yes, we did clean up afterwards!)

pancake breakfast


Since Murcia did indeed have little to offer, one of the doctors (a pretty french girl named Sabrina) took us to “La Manga”, a beautiful beach site approximately a 30-minute car ride from the city. I expected it to be somewhat as beautiful as the other beaches we’d seen so far, yet once again, my expectations were exceeded. Since Murcia and La Manga are not typical tourist destinations, there were only about a handful of locals scattered along the seaside. As far as 50m into the ocean, the water was only about 50cm deep- thus, it was incredibly warm and perfect for floating around, catching some of the day’s last sunrays. As the sun started to set, we enjoyed a round of drinks before piling back into the car and heading back to Murcia.

If you’re ever in the area or visiting more popular places closeby (Valencia, Alicante, Cartagena) I do strongly suggest you drive the extra 100 miles to check out this beach (you can skip Murcia if you like), because it was definitely one of the most beautiful places I have seen so far. You definitely won’t run into a lot of tourists and have the sunset at the beach (nearly) to yourself. There are a lot of accomodations available for all budgets, so don’t hesitate to stay the night!

group shot

en route to La Manga



Once I win the lottery, I will buy this house right on the beach of La Manga and live happily ever after..

if I ever win the lottery, I’ll buy this house right on the beach of La Manga and live happily ever after..





mojito on the beach- this one’s for Nina 🙂