Dear Travelettes,

I recently discovered that there are two kinds of people to travel with. There’s the über-organized traveller that plans, books and arranges everything in advance, never fails to read the map correctly and leads you to super-secret locations that even the locals don’t know. And then there are the people who will always miss their flight, take the wrong highway exit or oversleep check-out time. Although spending a lot of time with the latter may seem tiresome and exhausting at first, small glitches and detours are often times the secret ingredient to a legendary trip.

As a firm believer in this (admittedly self-constructed) theory, I was absolutely stoked to hear that in a  fit of spontaneity, one of my friends completely hijacked the group’s holiday plans. We would not be spending an entire week in Barcelona, but instead embarking on a road trip across Spain! Still scarred from our night-time accommodation hunt the day before, we started off the journey in a laid-back manner and only drove a couple of miles down the coast to Sitges, a famous beach town near Barcelona. I’d heard friends and relatives gushing about the beauty of this place, but truth be told, words just can’t explain how breath-taking it really is.



don't tell me you wouldn't follow these guys everywhere..

don’t tell me you wouldn’t follow these guys everywhere..

From what I understand, we didn’t actually go to the main beach site in Sitges, but somehow ended up in a more secluded and lesser-known area. Subsequently, there were only very few people there beside us, and we did not see the hordes of gay men that Sitges beach is allegedly famous for.

After endless hours of tanning, swimming in the sea and playing beach soccer with a bunch of locals, we enjoyed a lovely seafood dinner in a small restaurant right by the beach. If I ever move to Spain, I swear I will survive on Paella and ice-cold Sangria alone.