As you might know from my description in the meet the Travelettes section, I really wanted to go on a England roadtrip since … well, ever. When my friend Luisa asked me last winter to do a trip like this with her this summer, I was jumping around like a crazy chicken. I so would! Since then, I dream of England in the brightest colours and see ourselves rockin’ the road. The thing is, that I love planning trips and I love collecting websites, places, hotels, etc before each trip. My friend might even be a bit annoyed by all my questions about where we are going, what we are doing, if I should bring my laptop and so on. With that said, I cannot help but think that planning and roadtripping somehow doesn’t go together, does it? But! With only 12 short days and so much to see, preparation is my best friend in this battle.

picture by
Alex A Jones

So, after collecting all I could find on here about England, I asked my fellow Travelettes and some friends to give me the real insights (thanks, ladies!). I also spent a whole lot of time on this website, showing off some of Britains’s finest real estate, in order to find regions with the nicest manors. I somehow got lost and finally decided that a real estate website wasn’t the right place to plan a roadtrip. I therefore headed over to Lonely Planet and Stumble upon. I also asked Luisa to tell me all the places she wanted to see, and everything I got from her was “Oxford”. Well.

So this is what I finally came up with is this:

We are leaving Berlin on July 16th in my friend’s combi car, first heading to first Western Germany, where my parents live. There, we’ll crash for one night before driving to Calais the next day. Our ferry to Dover will leave at 3pm. Already rhere are two things I am scared about. No, not sleeping in the car in the middle of nowhere or not being able to shower every day. What I am really afraid of is A) missing the ferry because of traffic or girly stupidity and B) driving on the left side of the street with a German car. I already know that at some point I will drive the wrong way inside a roundabout. But I am sure we will manage that somehow, won’t we?

photo by adventures in trim

So this is the itinerary:

1. Dover
Obviously. I guess we won’t stay there at all and leave the White Cliffs for the end of our trip.

2. Brighton
Banksy, The Kooks, Brighton Peer. Do I need to say more?

3. Bath
Sophie, Lorna, Marie and my friend Astrid all recommended to go there. So we will. Probably going to check out the Cross Baths there.

4. Bristol
Well, thats basically just because of Skins. I already bought myself white sunglasses for the trip for the full Cassie Anthsworth look.

5. Cardiff/South of Wales
This is just a “maybe” on the list. Someone told me there is a ferry going to the South of Wales. My friend loves boat trips so we might do that to have a short impression of Wales.

6. Oxford
I basically just want to see Oxford University for a little Hogwarts feeling, so this is going to be a quick stop.

7. Manchester/Liverpool/Leeds/York/Sheffield
Don’t know which of these cities we will visit in the end. Opinions here vary, so we will see where the road takes us to.

8. Blackpool
Ever since seeing this music video of a german band which is filmed in Blackpool, I desperately have been wanting to go there. I am a sucker for old amusement parks and seabaths, something I really loved about San Sebastian. Do you see that stranded ship in the video? Amazing, right? So, this is definately my “I have to go there, no matter what” spot on the route.

9. Nottingham
This is probably just going to be just one of those “I have been there, I have a picture with the citysign” stops.

10. Cambridge
Same thing as Oxford probably. From there we might go to the eastern seaside to stay in one of the smaller cities for a night.

11. Dover
Sad faced girl duo will hop on the ferry back home very early in the morning on July 29th.

picture by Iman Salha

I know this is way to much for a 12 day-trip and we will probably stop following this itinerary from day 1. I just like to think that I have at least a bit of a clue of where to go and what to see. So if you guys have any recommendations, such as wonderful camping places, great sights, peaceful villages, cool clubs and bars and so on, please drop me a line in the comments below.

Let’s see if there will be a “Best of England in 12 days!” post after my trip!

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