Let us begin this article with a little analysis of this photo.

Does anything look unusual to you here? Maybe the trees? Looks like a forest? Even like a river? But surfing on a river? I don’t know about you, but this came as a big news to me when I first heard about it from a friend last week.

The photo was taken in Munich, at a small, man-made river stretch called Eisbach, located inside the English Garden. The current here is unusually strong with nice waves making it possible for people to surf here. The river is about 8m wide here and there are places like Eisbachwelle who can teach you to surf here to take you along for a try out.

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While Munich sort of takes the cake for river surfing with its 2 locations of Eisbach and Flosslande, there are other locations throughout the world such as Kawarau River near Queenstown in New Zealand, the Lachine Rapids in Montreal, Canada or at the Jackson Hole in Wyoming, USA. The sport dates back to the 1970 and while it’s by no means competing with surfing in an ocean, a few surf professionals such as Quirin Rohleder and Tim Pelz have started their careers in Munich.

Even my favorite surfer dude Jack Johnson came here to give river surfing a shot and luckily someone recorded it on video which you can see here below.

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