There is nothing that awakens my desire more than the ocean. If I could I would move to the beach in this very moment. I would get up early in the morning to go surfing and spent hours and hours in the wonderful sea. Unfortunately not all our dreams can come true – but there are ways to overcome our nostalgia. One of my favourite things to do is to go wakeboarding or riversurfing. Call me crazy, but I really don’t mind to jump into the streaming and ice-cold river as long as I get an opportunity to do some water sports (and through my wetsuit the current water temperature of 11°C is even bearable).

Riversurf session in April (it was not as warm as it looks like)

Probably the best-known place for riversurfing is the Eisbachwelle in Munich, Germany (check out our previous article “”Riversurfing” to read more about this). To sum up what a ‘surfable’ river is I will give you a short summary: Through special circumstances, mostly when a river suddenly gets quite narrow and creates a quite strong stream or if the ground is packed with stones or other unevenness, then this creates a so called ‘standing wave’, a wave that will always stay at the same spot. This river wave can, in some rare occasions, be surfed. Often you need to attach a rope to a tree or bridge to not just dive under with your board, but if the wave is super powerful, like the Eisbachwelle in Munich, then you can go surfing even without helping devices.

Girl’ power on the Eisbachwelle

Yesterday was my first day this year to test out one of the few standing waves along the chilly Rhine. The coldness of the river definitely didn’t stop me from being absolutely happy and thinking of all the upcoming sunny summer days.

By the way, the two boards in the pictures are not actually real surfboards, but ‘skimboards’, which are quite thin and small and therefore easier to turn with when in the water.

Right now myself and the other riversurfers are looking forward to summer, when we can finally leave our wetsuits at home and enjoy a cold refreshment from the heat.

My brother and me during summer

If you are interested in riversurfing, I recommend you to watch the movie Keep Surfing, a documentary about riversurfing and how it all got started – mainly based on the above mentioned ‘Eisbachwelle’. Check out the trailer below.

If you know some river surf spots or have some inspiration for other water-related sport activities, don’t hesitate to share them here with us!