Whether you come to Berlin on holiday or if you live here, there are some great restaurants to be discovered in this city with international Cuisine, some of which we would like to introduce to you. They feature Oriental, African, American or Eastern European fare, have exotic interior, great athmosphere and, very important, reasonable prices. A meal and a glass of wine will often set you back no more than 15 Euros. A steal, comparing this to other European cities.

First on my list of favorites is a tiny place on Torstraße in Berlin, Mitte, a recent discovery through a friend. Toca Rouge recently got a make-over and went from a light airy look to an all black, dimly-lit, dramatic vibe that is pretty sexy and probably not a bad place to bring a date.

We ordered Miami Dice undBlack Honey Mandarine Girl, both dishes with Beef and Veggies in a sauce that means business. Both dishes were an unusual and exquisite experience for our tastebuds and certainly no cheap copies of the Asian fare one can find throughout the whole city. Prices ranged from 8 to 10 Euros per dish.


But the real highlight of the evening came from a rather in an unexpected place. When my friend returned from the bathroom, he wore a face of shock, sat down at the table and after a dramatic gasp told me that I had to go to the bathroom right away. “And bring your camera!”, he added. Naturally I followed his advice and went to the loos. What I found was a discotheque meets vanity fair type location that was definitely good for a couple of fun self portraits as you can see below.

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… and a little video…

Toca Rouge is Located at Torstraße 195, 10115 Berlin, Deutschland (Tel: 030 84712142). Reservations are not necessary.