A couple of years ago we published a post called “Women spend more on clothes for a vacation than on the vacation itself” which depicted a statistic that was declaring exactly that. I ask you, cherished reader – does this apply to you? Do you find yourself in a shopping frenzy before every trip you go on? Do you engage in Pinterest boards collecting inspiration on straw hats and flowy white dresses you SIMPLY MUST HAVE before going? I’m pretty sure I can speak in the name of all Travelettes if I say we do. Not all of us wear dresses and not each of us empties her bank account for a brand new holiday wardrobe but we’re all concerned with packing the right stuff. Frankly I’d rather stay home than arrive at a stylish Maldives resort without a truckload of romantic evening gowns. Otherwise what would I wear in all those holiday photos that will remind me of those glorious 10 days for the rest of my life? Every girl knows that systematic travel preparation is crucial in the successful outcome of a trip and for that matter I would like to introduce you to something new and kind of awesome…

ebay collections

Now I’ve already mentioned that I loooooove Pinterest. I’m serious – if I need to be inspired on anything I go on that platform, enter whatever it is I look for and let it rain suggestions. In fact, you can check out our Travelettes Pinterest board right here and now. From the first pin you pin your holiday has begun. It’s not for nothing that a wise old German saying says that anticipation is the greatest kind of pleasure. There is only one thing I’ve been missing from Pinterest – the option to actually buy the stuff I pin. Often there is only a picture and maybe a link to a blog but it’s often impossible to find a way to buy the goods. But these days are counted because recently retail giant eBay has introduced “Collections” – pretty much a type of inspiration board similar to Pinterest but with items that can be directly purchased from eBay.

I could spend hours browsing the boards of some of my favorite bloggers like IheartBerlin, Lilies Diary or Mummy-Mag to see what they would bring on a trip. Once all my boards are complete I get to decide what must-haves I will actually want to buy and which ones I let slide.

For more info onn how it all works, have a look at this video tutorial. It’s in German though…

So what would the Travelettes pack, you wonder? Well, there is our board for things to be taken on a road trip though the US, our list of awesome vintage bikinis we want to be seen in this summer or – currently our board with the most followers – our collection of travel-inspired vintage posters featuring girls on vacation. Really though, it’s best you give a good browse through all 17 of our boards.

And if you’re lacking inspiration and want eBay to give you some, simply click on ebay.de/today.

So, what sort of trip are you planning for?

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