dear travelettes

i’d like to introduce a new photo series to you, of people i met while traveling the globe. along with each person i’ll tell you what i remember about them and the circumstances under which we met.

meet julian.

in october 2005 i traveled through vietnam with my first stop being hanoi, the capitol. hanoi does not offer a whole bunch of cheap accomodation like much of the rest of south east asia so i decided to check into a dorm room at some hotel. the only other person staying in the dorm was julian, 24 then, from somewhere in switzerland.i was delighted to share the room with him, because – as you can see – julian was a babe. we became friends right away and had a great time exploring the neighborhood or just chitchatting about stuff in our dorm. one night we decided to take some photos and here is the result. i have no idea what he’s doing right now. i dont even remember what he was doing back then, i just know time with him was well spent.

IMG00019 IMG00059 IMG00044 IMG00046 IMG00027 IMG00035

these were taken on a cheap digital camera that i lost or that was stolen from me somewhere in australia.