In summer 2006 I came to Sao Paulo with plans to live there for about 3 months to learn perfect portuguese, maybe get a job and be oh so productive. But really I had unknowingly moved to the headquarters of party central and spent my days sleeping and my nights out partying. I’m pretty sure I had a total of 2 nights in during that time. So really, it hardly came as a surprise that I met Bianca at a club. She was a groupie good friends with a band that’s big in Brazil and whose guitarrist I was sort of dating (usually between midnight and 9am). Bianca was pretty messed up, like most people I guess. She made all the wrong choices and was one of the flakiest friends I’ve ever had, but deep down she only had the best intentions, she just didn’t know any better. Bianca worked for MTV Brazil at that time. Every night she’d finish work around 9 or 10 pm and then come pick me up in her little peugeot. All she talked about were the boys she was currently in love with and it was hard to keep track of all of them because she fell in love with a new man every week. About a year ago we ran into each other again. She had moved to London where she was working in video. I think she had a boyfriend but was in love with some other guy.

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