One upon a time there were two girls who yearned for an island adventure. One where they could walk barefoot along the beach, sip rosé in the afternoon sunshine, chase seagulls and boys with yachts, watch the sun come up and forget the the real world exists. Porquerolles beckoned:

The romantic village  filled their hearts and minds as they slowly settled into the island rhythm imaging where they would live and how they would grow the most beautiful gardens. Leaving the village on a small path they wandered towards the beach through the woods & along the cliff tops seeing no one and hearing nothing but the wind whispering quietly.

Stomachs grumbling, they smelt their way towards a terrace to bathe in the afternoon sun. Coconut rice with coquilles St Jacques arrived on glittering plates followed by raspberry soup that made their tongues tingle.

“Désirez-vous plus de vin ?” The waiter enquired

“Bien sûr, il est excellent !” She replied.

Hearts, minds and belly full of delight, they were blown to the other side of the island to seek out the lighthouse, olive groves and cliffs to pose precariously on wondering all along what it would be like to escape here forever, read books, grow vegetables and wake with the sun.

Eventually they had to head back across the island fighting the wind with ever step to the ferry, maybe they shouldn’t be leaving so soon…

See you next time they said. xoxo

Porquerolles is a small island off the southern French coast not too far from Toulon.You can reach it by ferry in an hour from Port d’Hyères. All the food and even the wine is sourced solely from the tiny island in order to support & stimulate local farmers. There are practically no cars on the island so you have to use your legs to get around or rent a bike from one of the many stalls at the port.


lorna stokes

This post was written by Lorna Stokes, part of the travelettes team from 2009 to 2013.

Originally from the UK but currently based in Brussels after stints in Canada, Peru, Italy and a job for the French military, she’s always had an unquenchable thirst for exploring new places! She’s still travelling the world with her family so catch up with her adventures on Instagram & Twitter.