Traveling alone can be boring sometimes. It can also be inspiring, amusing or even scary. Even though there are some bad sides to traveling alone, it can be very fulfilling, as you might discover places, you could have never imagined or you meet people, who end up becoming close friends who stay in your life for many years to come. Last summer was the first time for me that I went on a roadtrip on my own. The  upside of it: I was free and totally independent. I could do whatever I wanted but still felt lonely sometimes and scared, especially while sleeping on remote, quiet parking spots. Not to mention all the scary tales that other campers told me.

Pne fine day during that trip I found a wonderful and totally safe spot in Spain, San Vicente de la Barquera, where I spent most of my time surfing great waves. But as a travelette I want to discover as much as I can so I made my way up to Playa de Xago, a beach, which is situated close to the Spanish town of Aviles. My idyllic image of Spain was suddenly destroyed when I got closer to same spot – huge industrial builings took away any feeling of safety and beauty. The way to the beach lead along lonely and run-down streets, far from civilisation.

When I arrived huge cliffs ranged over the sea and wide sanddunes stretched along the beach. All looked a bit mysterious and the dark-green cliffs reminded me of Jurassic Park. Also the dusky sky casted dark, grey clouds above the beach, which intensified the mysterious look of the place. Even though the atmospehere felt a bit scary, I was fascinated as well and I felt kind of attracted to the dark beauty of this spot.

Due to its exposed location, Playa de Xago is well known as the ‘swell magnet’ of the Spanish region Asturia, as it picks up even the smallest swells. During my stay there in September the destination was rather quiet and not very busy, but the spot can get crowded during summer and is well-known as a family location with many BBQ areas.  I’ve come to appreciate the remote place as a very special one that should not be missing on a roadtrip itinerary along the Spanish coast.