How was New Orleans? – I get asked from pretty much everyone I tell about my 1-month trip through 8 major American cities. There is a magic about this town rivalled by few others. New Orleans is home to some of the most laid-back people I have ever met. Example – I once waited on a streetcar for over 20 minutes. Asking a woman waiting with me how often those cars run, she explained that it should not take longer than 45 minutes. My jaw dropped – not just at the estimated wait but at the relaxed attitude she said this with. Being from Germany I cannot imagine a society functioning on a public transportation system running no more than hourly. In line with this, shops open at noon and close 6 hours later and a lot of bars open as early as 8am (and some never close). There is pretty great shopping here and lots of things to see and check out. Definitely worth a trip.

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