Istanbul is the only metropolitan city of the world, which is located on two different continents, being Europe and Asia. Its culture holds a lot of diverse aspects and you can discover new things around every corner. In the morning some of Istanbul‘s muezzins singers call for prayer with the intention to bring people closer to God and you can hear their singing from almost everywhere. Also the market is colourful and busy in the morning and offers a great variety of food, clothes and and small useful things (such as cool lighter in form of a camera). Enjoy real kebabs, Turkish Apple Tea, sweet pastries, the 3000 mosques and a very diverse architecture city.

I really fell in love with the city, when I visited a friend there and we were enjoying the sunshine, the markets, the food, the nightlife, the cultural side of the city and the beautiful Prince Islands. I am sure that everyone will love the city. To check out what to do in Istanbul check out one of our previous posts and watch some of my photos here: