Voilaaaaa…  Did you know that creative Instagram-style photoediting can not only be done via your smartphone, but also with your Canon SLR camera? So switch off your smartphone (and stop worrying about high roaming charges) on your next trip because your Canon can do just that, in high resolution! The setting has been introduced in 2010 and is available to cameras such as the 600D, 650D, 60D. How does it work? Hidden in your camera settings there is the tiny, inconspicuous command ‘Creative filters’ with five different options: Grainy B/W, Soft Focus, Fisheye Lens, Toy Camera Effect, Miniature Effect , which can create great effects to your photos and make photo-editing easy as pie.

camera command creative filters

So while sitting in the bus or the plane you could flick through your photos and already edit your favourite ones and apply some of the different filters!

trav_laax snow

Laax, Creative Filter: Miniature Effect


 Zurich, Creative Filter: Miniature Effect + Toy Camera Effect

trav_st gallen

 St. Gallen, Creative Filter: Grainy B/W + Fisheye

laax falera

 Laax, Creative Filter: Miniature + Toy Camera Effect

st gallen streets

St. Gallen, Creative Filter: Soft Focus + Toy Camera Effect


San Vicente de la Barquera, Creative Filter: Soft Focus + Toy Camera Effect


San Vicente de la Barquera, Creative Filter: Toy Camera Effect + Miniature Effect  


NYE at Todtnauberg, Creative Filter: Soft Focus+ Miniature Effect