It’s an ancient race, the ongoing competition between Paris and New York. Which is the better city? Which is more beautiful, cultural, popular? Anyone who has been to both will agree that the French capitol and the Big Apple are as opposite as they come. While in Paris one sits relaxed in cute cafés sipping on tiny cups of espresso, referred to as coffee, New Yorkers rush from one appointment to the next, Starbucks Venti non-fat soy mocha in hand.

Still, all competitiveness aside, both cities are iconic to anyone who’s anyone and offer never ending inspiration to their inhabitants, visitors and admirers. One of them is Vahram Muratyan, a graphic designer and art director who lives between the two cities. A little over a year ago he decided to have a little fun and started a blog with illustrations pointing out the differences between the two cities. 14 months later, he sells a lot of prints and even brought out a book (which would likely make a nice Christmas gift to any friend who’s in love with Paris or New York or both).

Check out more of his fun illustrations on his blog