As far as I am concerned, there are 2 breeds of women. Those who, before departing on holiday, prepare well, take notes, do research, figure out what to bring, write to-do lists etc. You might say our very own Nina is one of them as you could read here.

Then there are girls like me, the ones who leave everything to the last minute and then start rotating just hours befrore departing. The ones who cannot even go to bed before an early morning flight because their suitcases need packing, their hair needs washing and their apartments need cleaning.

Even though I’ve had over a month time to mentally prepare for my trip, I now have to translate all my brain-work into practise – all within 24 hours naturally.

My to do list for the day hence consists of ironing piles of silk blouses, getting my roots done, picking up a fresh stack of business cards, getting a pair of shoes fixed that I want to bring, sweeping/cleaning/vacuuming my apartment, making space in shelves for my subletters, washing and changing bed sheets, writing posts for travelettes and glamcanyon, meeting with Frank to give him the keys to my mailbox, meeting Liz so she can pick up her shelf, meeting Caroline for a last coffee, meeting Posh because I don’t know when the next opportunity is to see him. Then go to the gym to hand in my membership card for the month, ideally throw in an hour of training to feel in top form for my flight, buy sleeping pills for the plane, fill shampoo and conditioner into travel-sized bottles, make sure I don’t forget things that are easily forgotton (i.e. pills, cell phone chargers, passports, etc.).

Phew! I hope I make it through this day in one piece. Next post will reach you from New York (hopefully).