Sicily is great. And I’m not just saying that because so far no one tried to steal anything from me. I found a great hostel where I’ve been meeting tons of nice people (Casa di Amici, more on that soon), have taken day trips to stunning beach towns, visited catacombs and of course had an overload of the local specialities which happen to be all sweet. Cannolis, brioches, gelati – whatever your carb-craving heart desires. It’s impossible to stay skinny in Sicily so it’s probably for the better that tonight i’ll hop on the overnight ferry to Naples from where I will return to Germany where I will swap my daily pizza and gelato diet for salad and mineral water.

Since I don’t have a camera anymore, I’ve been taking pictures with my Iphone using the very fantastic Hipstamatic Iphone app. I highly recommend you try it. Here’s my bit of Sicilian panorama…

palermo hip 045 palermo hip 068 palermo hip 077 palermo hip 070 palermo hip 059 palermo hip 060 palermo hip 048 palermo hip 087 palermo2 073 palermo hip 027 palermo hip 032 palermo hip 043 palermo hip 079 palermo hip 069

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