Sunshine seems to be quite rare this summer. This is why we should enjoy every sunny day and make the best out of it. And what makes a day be better than relaxing at the beach or getting involved in some outdoor activities such as skating, surfing or listening to some good music?
Only one hour away from London you can find the cosy town of Brighton, which offers all of these things and is just the perfect city getaway to escape the hectic big city life.

When I went to Brighton two weeks ago, a festival called ‘Paddle round the Pier’ was taking place and encouraged young and old people to get active. I was quite impressed when I saw all the young skaters performing tricks.

Also the BMX riders perfomed some incredible stunts and were the attraction point of Brighton’s beach festival.

Even though the waves in Brighton are generally not big enough for surfing (only with extreme weather conditions) many people try other ways to stay fit and get around in the sea: Stand-Up-Paddle-Surfing, like this guy here,who is making his way around the burnt Pier.

While taking a stroll along the beach I spotted lots of street performers and young bands, which got everyone in a great dancing and swinging.

Even the oldest people of Brighton seemed to enjoy the music and the warm weather.

Padde around the pier festival is Europe’s largest annual free beach festival attracting over 50.000 visitors every year. Special about this festival is its charity background. The whole thing is run by hundreds of volunteers so that all proceeds and donations coming out of this fun fair can be donated to a charitable organisation. This year’s beneficionaries are the RNLI, the Teenage Cancer Trust and Surf Relief.

Possibly the best time of year to visit Brighton!