It’s Insta inspo time again! While winter is still in full swing (at least in Berlin), I’ve been spending a lot of time reading, watching documentaries or scrolling through Instagram. The latter especially is better than its reputation if you use it responsibly. Here’s a list of my current top 9 accounts – thank you for inspiring me, all you guys.

The illustrator: Édith Carron 

Édith is a french illustrator living in Berlin. She draws for a wide number of print publications like The New Yorker or Süddeutsche Zeitung and often explores issues of gender and women’s representation. I love her playful way of portraying (and sometimes caricaturing) life as she sees it.

The former White House photographer: Pete Souza 

Oh, those golden Obama days that we didn’t realize were so golden back when Pete Souza was the Chief White House Photographer for President Obama. There is something bittersweet and perhaps even masochistic about having Souza post photos of the Obama tenure daily. His photos portray a president, a loving father and a feminist gentleman. Things are looking a bit different now but I’m pretty sure Pete Souza’s photography will still be kicking ass in years to come, wherever his lenses lead him.

Nice light in the Oval Office.

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The documentary photographer: Karina Rozwadowska 

I first came across Karina Rozwadowska’s work after the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. where she took extremely powerful portraits of women for Zeit Magazin. Karina is based in New York City and portraying women in their beauty and strength is her daily biz. Go follow!

The Nashville hipster: Ruthie Lindsay 

I’ve been following Ruthie and her stunning interior and people snaps for a while but it was only recently that I discovered her posts have so much more depth than many of the other similar accounts. Ruthie shares raw and painful thoughts on her journey towards becoming more whole, self-reflected and healed from the crap that held her back in the past. Somehow, she manages to take her broken heart and really turn it into art – every day.

The filmmaker: Tobi Schnorpfeil 

Tobi is a kick-ass German photographer and filmmaker and the best thing is: He grew up a couple of miles from where I live and we have a lot of mutual friends… Woohoo, fangirling much!? Tobi travels through Indonesia, Iceland and yeah, the German middle of nowhere and makes all these places look equally magical.

The wedding photographer couple: Susann and Yannic 

Susann and Yannic are the couple behind the popular food blog “Krautkopf“. They have also been in love for ten years (with each other and their cameras). Their latest project “Paul liebt Paula” is a celebration of love, weddings, and skin. Their portraits of lovers are pure, pure, pure magic and will remind you that there’s perfection in imperfection out there.

The Egypt you don’t see on the news: Story of Egypt

I think especially on Instagram, there is a danger of curating your own narrative about places and people, one that’s focused on the pretty, the flawless, the bright. And there’s nothing wrong with that as such but I do think it’s incredibly important to widen our view a little – perhaps away from western capitals, matcha lattes and flowers from the market – and explore the worlds in other parts of this planet. Like Egypt, for example. A wildly beautiful country that often gets misrepresented in the media. “Story of Egypt” is a project devoted to capturing things on film you don’t see on the news. The good, not the bad.

Daraw Camel Market #contaxg2

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The conscious blogger: Maddie Alizadeh

Maddie is an Austrian blogger who is really passionate about social, environmental and fashion issues. She fosters a deeper understanding of the consequences of our actions (namely, consumerism), think pollution, animal rights, zero waste and fair fashion. We need more people like you, girrrrl!

The painter: Jennifer Burtchen

Berlin-based painter Jennifer makes my mountain-loving heart jump whenever she posts a recent piece of work. She illustrates summits, waves and beauty products that look better than reality. Guess that’s the point of art. I’m gonna buy one of your pieces for my living room soon, Madame!

Kleiner '16 Flashback. Die großen Dolomiten. ❤️

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Who are your current Insta faves? Let us know below!