I love the internet, its unpredictability, its seemingly inexhaustible wealth of ideas, new talent – and weirdness. But sometimes, just sometimes, I love myself a good old physical magazine that filters out some of the best bits of it. There’s nothing like a good indie magazine with its thick pages, bold narratives and beautifully designed pages.

So without further ado, here’s my top six of travel indie mags:

1. Another Escape

Every issue of Another Escape is some serious eye candy that will grace any coffee table – or backpack. The ‘inspirational lifestyle’ approach is a teeny tiny bit similar to Kinfolk but, err, the guys at Another Escape give their stories a lot more depth and substance. Every issue is a collection of timeless stories where it’s obvious how much time and love went into the production process – and the pages feel beautiful too!


2. Compass Cultura

Compass Cultura is an online travel magazine but it’s unlike any you’ve seen before. Three very unique stories are published each month, one of them is the current ‘Kingdom of Refugee’ piece which defines the impact millions of Syrian refugees have on Jordan. Compass Cultura tends to avoid writing about all-inclusive hotels and instead focusses on the people and the paths that nobody else has explored before. At $2/month, subscription is very affordable.

3. Renegade

Renegade is probably the most innovative on this list and always combines travel writing with literary experiments, you can never be sure what to expect in each issue or story. The pieces are mostly based on personal experiences such as being unable to stop throwing up in India, hitchhiking through New Zealand 140 times and describing each intermezzo in a couple of words. But Renegade isn’t limited to words: comics and series of photographs are part of the package too. Thumbs up!


4. Cereal

Cereal is a true classic! Every issue sets four or five local emphases and then takes different perspectives on each. The photo essays are stunning, every time I flick through a new issue, I’m dangerously close to just rip out the pages and put them on my wall. Another interesting feature is the Guided by Cereal series which explores cities like Seoul, Hong Kong, Vancouver and Charleston. Coffee shop recommendations always included!

5. Boat Magazine

Boat Magazine is a bit different. Each issue is devoted to a particular city (Sarajevo, Detroit, Athens … you get the idea!) and looks at it from a nomadic travel point of view. That makes it the best ‘guide’ for a trip because they always ignore the easy, traditional destinations and instead track down (or create) their own must-sees. Also check out the online city index on places to go in LA and Lima.


6. Fernwehosophy

Fernwehsophy is a German-only online collective, however the stunning photography will blow your mind regardless of whether you speak the language or not. I hope that one day they will publish their stories in an actual paper magazine, so far it’s only available online or via newsletter… We will also soon tell you more about one of the photographers, so watch this space!


Check out Stack Magazines for your monthly dose of indie publishing and @gymclassmag‘s Instagram for the most creative covers.

What are your most loved indie mags? We’re always on the look for new discoveries!