When Anthony and I embarked on our road trip, we left Austin pretty late, at 2 in the afternoon and were overambitious as to how much time we would need to get form A to B. Whatever time we planned on, it was always a few hours more and it sure didn’t help that we were so in awe of everything we drove past. We stopped a lot at random locations so I could take photos for us to remember and for me to post them here for you guys.
The first stop on our journey was a Truck Stop that seemed like from a different world. Now in the middle of nowhere Texas there was this place that sold  a proud selection of crucifixes, had men in cowboy hats sitting by the counter and featured at least 10 deer heads decorating the walls. If I could I would go back there and stay for a week just to see what sort of people come through.


On day 2, somewhere between El Paso and Flagstaff, Anthony and I were looking for a place to have lunch in and noticed a spot called Grandma’s cafe. The thought of grandma’s cooking seemed a whole lot more pleasing than Applebee’s so we stopped. Grandma’s was the most surreal place with a deco so extremely kitchy it could have been straight out of a scene from the Stepford wives.