It’s cheap, it’s exotic and it’s so so so good. When traveling you often find yourself surrounded by culinary goodness every step of the way. And because you’re open and worldly you know that you cannot just order a salad when the restaurant you’re in has just won a price for its outstanding curry or chocolate dessert.

When you’re on the road mirrors are scarce and scales are virtually non-existant, so one day you might wake up to find that your favourite jeans of all time simply won’t fit anymore. The shock might be big at this stage but this is probably not a good time to grab the nearest brownie to comfort yourself. When on holiday, counting calories is far from your mind so an ill-fitting pair of jeans might come as a result of weeks of careless face-stuffing.

As I am a prime contestant for this sort of problem, I have found ways to handle my love handles:

1. I always make sure I can fit in a pair of running shoes. Light ones, naturally, all those pumps are heavy enough.

2. My running outfit must say 2 things: I am sporty and (more importantly) I am a sex goddess. For two reasons: Firstly, I wanna look hot fit while jogging. Secondly, wearing a tight outfit gives me no chance to hide any tires under wide jumpers. Giselle Bündchen always jogs wearing nothing but a bikini! (show-off)

3. I never run without music. That way I can’t hear the laughter of passers-by commenting on my wobbling thighs.

4. When I finally start running, I start early. Especially while traveling, there is no better way of exploring a new city than in the morning with no one around.

5. Finally, don’t stress. Sometimes there are more important things in the world to take care of. Like exploring local restaurants or taking a cooking class with the handsome kiwi dude you met last night.


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