One more day, then finally the time has come. My first time visiting the Asian Continent – I couldn’t be more excited. When I picture India, I see bright colours, full markets, spices everywhere – simply a whole new world. I basically got all those ideas from Bollywood movies, so there are a lot of clichées that have to be proven right or wrong. There is a long list of things that we are hoping to see. Every hour of the day seems to be plannend. I’ll just go with the flow. 10 days are probably over too quickly anyway.


And this is our itinerary so far:

Day 1: Spending almost all day at differnet airports, first stop in Munich, final destination Delhi. I’m hoping for loads of good movies on the plane, since a few hours have to be covered. Movies and tomato juice will keep me going.

Day 2: Around morning we are supposed to land in Delhi. First stop: hotel. After a short rest, this day will seem perfect. Shopping at the old town of Delhi. Market places, with loads of silver, candy, clothes and then off to the Red Fort. (17th century fort complex constructed by the Mughal emperor Shan Jahan in the walled city of Old Dehli).

Day 3: Visiting Indian Gate and the government district. Around the afternoon we will be heading for Jaipur, also know as the pink city.


Day 4: Getting to know Jaipur. Jaipur is the Capital of the Indian state Rajasthan. If we have enough time, we will see city palace – Jantar Mantar (A multimedia project and virtual museum about the astronomical observatories built in India during the early 1700’s by Sawaii Jai Singh) and Hawa Mahal (“Palace of Winds” or “Palace of the Breeze”). All these names already sound amazing.

Day 5: This should be the most exciting day. Visitng the Ranthambore National Parc. It is one of the biggest national parks of India, home of tigers, leopards, monkeys, jackals, hyenas and many more. I have never seen animals in their natural habitat before. All I can speak of is the zoo.


Day 6: Safari. I can’t wait to see tigers, elephants and the surely stunning nature. My camera will probably not stop clicking.

Day 7: Taking the train to Bharatpur, where we’ll take a ride on a rikschaw and visit a national bird park. Later we’re moving on to Fatehpur Sikir, one of the biggest still existing Moghul cities from the 16th century. Late Afternoon, we will then arrive at Agra, known for the world famous Taj Mahal. Full program.


Day 8: The unforgettable Taj Mahal. We will spend a whole day around this world-famous palace, getting to know the history, the area, finishing the day with a lovely dinner at sunset.

Day 9: Namasté India – we’re back on our way to Dehli. We will stop by Sikandra visitng the grave of Akbar. The afternoon will be spent shopping and making final purchases around the area. Last night in India.

Day 10: On the way to the airport. And that was it already. Im getting so excited while writing this down! I will take as many photos as possible. Just hoping for my SD card to last. 16 gb should work for a while.


Anyone been to India yet? Anything you can recommend? Food, shops, places? I would be happy to hear anything, as sticking to a plan could possibly become boring. And personal insiders are usualy the best, so go for it.

(all photos by: Steve McCurry)