It’s New Year’s Eve today and the pressure is on. Everyone wants the same thing and that is to have a great time at a great party to ensure a memorable entrance into the new year.

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Yesterday, Ina gave you some great tips for some of the better parties happening in New York, Paris or London, today I will carry on with some more last minute advice for those of you in Berlin, as this is after all where Travelettes have their headquarters. With Berlin’s reputation of being one of, if not THE party city in the world right now, I imagine that many of you might have booked a flight or a train or a bus to come here just for tonight.

Now I’m probably cheating here a little bit but I only really have one recommendation as in my opinion, your best option is HBC. HBC is a huge club/restaurant/art space near Alexanderplatz where I have spent all my NYE’s in Berlin and where I always have a great time. In fact, I don’t think I enjoyed NYE until I came to Berlin and spent it there. Have a look at the photos I took here of NYE 2009 and 2010


What makes NYE here so special is that they have lots of small rooms, each of which is usually given to an artist who will make something really special out of it. You come in and it’s always different, you have no idea what to expect. Last year they even managed to get a couple of real life horses into the entrance hall!!

This year again, there will be wild performances, fantastic live shows and unexpected surprises again.

HBC also is the place that hosts my new Clubnight CINÈMA launching next monday January 3rd! It will be a free and weekly night and we hope to see many of you on our big opening night.


There we go, we hope that all of you will have an amazing start into 2011! We look forward to more travels, new adventures and sharing stories with you in the new year.

All the best,

your travelettes