Dear travelettes,

this morning i woke up early and still a little tired, i stayed in bed reading in my Lonely Planet USA, feeding my exitement over my 4-week-America-trip coming up in may. A little while back I told you I was going on a road trip, but what I did not tell you was that I will also be in New York before I launch on the road trip from Austin, Texas.

Something i hadn’t even thought about up to now, but that caught my attention, was the fact that there are pretty cheap busrides available to cities surrounding New York such as Philadelphia or Boston. After quickly inspecting a USA map I realised that Montreal wasn’t all that far away from New York. I’ve never been to Canada and have heard nothing but rave reviews about Montreal in particular, so clearly I got exited right away, checking information on how to get there, quick and cheaply.


The first indications  I came across, after some searching online, were the bus (Greyhound does one route for $82) or the train (Amtrak, $62 one way) which is said to be a gorgeous and comfy ride. However, it also takes 3 hours longer than the bus version. As much as I would love to waste an entire day sitting on a train (not), I had already decided that I would probably go ahead booking a bus ticket when i read on the Lonely Planet forum that Craigslist held a lot of offers for rideshares to Montreal.

To have tried both, I will probably take the bus for my return to New York, but I sure am happy about this rideshare option (not only because it’s about half the price of a bus).

By the way, if you were wondering, flights to Montreal are not as cheap as domestic flights, due to pretty high international flight taxes. When I checked the prices for round-trips, flights were about $370.

Have any of you been to Montreal? I’d happily take on all the advice I can get.

Keep you posted,