My love for travel always involves some serious complications because, for the most part, I don’t have a “home base”. This means constantly moving from place to place with a a roughly outlined plan and a frustrating amount of baggage… so maybe that makes me a nomad. Have you ever felt this way? If so then you’ve probably experienced some unexpected trials and tribulations on the road.


Sunday Night Vegas Tyme.

I recently drove across the country, from Alabama to California. I made it through the snowy hills and open land of Colorado, to the wonderfully overwhelming mountains in Utah, through the POURING rain in Nevada (A.K.A. the desert. I know. Weird, huh?), and into sunny California right as I approached Los Angeles. I immediately hit a speed bump.

I was offered housing through a friend of a friend. Of course I took them up on this offer to sleep in the extra room. On the third night I was essentially kicked out by a member of the household. A new roommate was moving in and her request came at the complete last minute/middle of the night in an unpleasant manner. There I was homeless, stranded and frustrated in a city I had just chosen would be my new home for a while. Off to great start there, LA! There was no real home base to return to, aside from Alabama where my mother lives and, at that point a complete non-option seeing as I had just driven thousands of miles to get to California.

The next day I found a place with a family friend who turned into family. I finally felt at home with all of my (mental and tangible) baggage. She helped me focus for a bit so I could get an enjoyable job and a room in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles. I began to feel positive again.


Silverlake Side Yard (Los Angeles)

The bottom line of this situation is this: In order to travel and overcome the frustrations, as much as you may fight it for some period of time you, ultimately, do ONE thing: let it go. I almost gave myself a stomach ulcer in the process of not letting things go, and once I realized this then I began to focus on what was important to me about travel and what a few In many of my experiences something unexpected and ultimately better came of a disheartening situation.

The Bleak and the Beautiful.

The Bleak and the Beautiful (Los Angeles)

I’m pretty positive I can write a series on this topic longer than “Harry Potter” so if you’re looking for some comfort I’d be happy to spit some more tales of a perplexed nomad. If all else fails when you’re on the road, take a long drive alone through Utah; its beauty is likely to make you forget all your worldly troubles….