This month I am treating myself to a special adventure because I am spending it in New York! As you can imagine this isn’t an entirely cheap endeavor – flights, rent, food, it’s got its price spending a lush 4 weeks in the city. I comfort myself with this splurge by the fact that I do work while I am here, I am not just out partying 24/7. I have also been very fortunate to be invited to test-drive the new HUAWEI MateBook X which is so light and wonderful that I bring it everywhere. Maximum flexibility is key, when you’re in New York! What has impressed me the most is that I never need to bring the charging cable, since the HUAWEI MateBook X has up to 10 hours of battery life, even when you watch videos! At just 1,05kg it is also incredibly light, so it comes with me wherever I go. It has been great being able to work anywhere – between meetings, on the subway, in the park. As a style-conscious laptop-user I do appreciate its sleek design which has started at least 2 conversations this past week of working outdoors. And for anyone who does use their laptop on their actual lap – you would appreciate the fanless interior, so you can kiss hot thighs and annoying fan noise good-bye.

The weather in October is still amazing in the city that never sleeps, it is sunny and warm and there is no reason to be inside. In an effort to escape my kitchen as my holiday office I have been taking to the streets and looking for the best places to work outside. Needless to say that New York, city of rooftops and skyline views, has no shortage of some really great places, so I decided to write them down for you.

In the green…


1. The High Line

If Central Park is the lungs of Manhattan then the high line is likely its aorta. 16 blocks of nothing but blissful greenery with plenty of benches, tables and nooks to settle down in and edit away. No wifi here, but there are plenty of large tables, benches and nooks to work at. Find your ideal spot, get comfy and enjoy the breeze.

2. Central Park

Does it get better than working with your naked feet touching a lush green lawn? I think not. Which is why Central Park makes an amazing outdoor office to hang out in the entire day. Squirrel sightings included.


3. Prospect Park

Central Park’s little brother is just as expansive and green as its Manhatten Counterpart. Finding a piece of green peace to yourself and your laptop is even easier here. That novel you’re working on will essentially write itself.

4. Brooklyn Bridge Park

Do you value dramatic views with your lawn office? Search no more; you will find your heaven at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

With coffee…

4. Greecologies, 379 Broome Street, New York

A true oasis is this hip yet laid-back spot in the trendy Nolita neighborhood of Manhattan. Keep walking all the way to the back of this unassuming store front and you’ll find outdoor office bliss. Large, heavy tables and speedy wifi make this spot a favorite with laptop folk.

5.  Sit & Wonder, 688 Washington Ave, Brooklyn

Sit and wonder how well your life-work balance is going when you get to finish the day’s tasks basking in the sun inside the garden of this cute Brooklyn Cafe in Prospect Heights.

6. Budin, 114 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn

Coffee connoisseurs will find delight at this no-nonsense coffee shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Come here for local and important caffeine kicks and enjoy the sun shining down on you in their spacious backyard. If you happen to stay past 4pm, consider trying their special beer that is actually brewed with espresso. Outdoor office dreams do come true…

From the top floor…

8. Azul on the Rooftop, 525 Greenwich St, New York

You’re in New York, quite probably the best place in the world for skyline views and rooftops! Luckily there are a number of bars and cafes that offer just that and they come with wifi! Azul was my ideal choice for a laid back end to a busy day of running around. Just a lovely cappucchino, a stunning view and my Matebook X. Come here for sunset and you’ll want to give life a great big hug. Also, don’t forget that selfie.

9. The Ides at Wythe Hotel, 80 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn

Make no mistake, you don’t need to be in Manhattan to get a skyline view with your late shift. Check into the Ides bar on the rooftop of the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg and let the atmosphere inspire your workflow.

10. Hotel Indigo, 171 Ludlow St, New York

After the job is before so head on up to the 15th floor of this hip Lower East Side Hotel to get your fill of skyline views, comfy couches and chilled drinks. There is even a small pool here so if your head starts fuming, you know where to cool down again.

What is your favorite outdoor office? Which places would you add to this list?

*This post was created in sponsored collaboration with Huawei