New York is full of great places to eat. The art is to find one that has the food you like, the athmosphere you appreciate and the prices you can afford.Since the selection is so big, it’s fun to go around and try out different spots to find the spots that you feel are yours. That you can go to again and again, that you show friends and family and that you recommend to others.

Walking through Soho one night we came past a restaurant that seemed unusually full with tons of people hanging out outside…


The friend I was with explained that this place, called Cafe Habana, had great food (their Cuban Sandwhich was voted best in New York) and urged me to go at least once before I would leave the city.

I had already forgotten about it when the next morning my other friend Suzie and I wanted to find a decent place to brunch in. With a different destination in mind we walked over to Soho and came past Cafe Habana, the restaurant that only the previous night had been so packed. A quick peek at their breakfast menu was enough to decide that they feature all the things I like to see dished up after an alcohol-fuelled night out. Our hangover breakfast with eggs, toast and home fries at El Habana cost us a spectacular $3,25


Bottom line: no matter what time of day you come here you are likely to enjoy it which is why we’re recommending it to you.


Cafe Habana is located at 17 Prince St. in Soho, New York.