Dear travelettes,

for the past few weeks I have been announcing that I was going on a trip throughout the United States and finally i’m here ready and waiting for all adventures to come my way.
Today is my 3rd day and – what can I say – I am aching everywhere. My feet are welcoming new blisters every day and my entire body is sore from walking as much as I have.
On the bright side – my restlessness has been paying off as I was able to shoot some great street fashion for my blog, enjoy some of the shopping and food I have missed so much and go to some cool parties in Soho (some of which I have recorded on video, coming up..).

Here are some totally random impressions from my first few days in the city…

IMG_0922 IMG_0981 IMG_1095 IMG_0946 IMG_0936 IMG_0927 IMG_1115 IMG_1090 IMG_0918 IMG_0920 IMG_0924 IMG_0953 IMG_0980

More soon,


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