Dear travelettes,

the other day, my blogger-friend Susie G took me to a fashion party of the NY-based label Boxing Kitten presenting its latest collection. The clothes are vintage inspired with colorful print reminiscent of Africa. Boxing Kitten designs have recently been spotted in Rihanna’s Rude Bow video, on Solange and Beyonce and many other fab pop stars. Estelle even came to the party in a Boxing Kitten dress. Great dresses for summer and a mini-holiday in Kenia make this collection perfect for travelettes, don’t you think?

Here are a few more impressions of the party’s fashionable guests…

IMG_1884 IMG_1878 IMG_1905 IMG_1883 IMG_1936 IMG_1967 1 IMG_1965 IMG_1928 IMG_1938 IMG_1952 IMG_1945 IMG_1961 IMG_1903 IMG_1926